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Karl Lichter von Randoll...Martial Arts Master
For :icondoioakina: doioakina

When Hayato was kidnapped by Nagumo's goons, Randoll, Kaga, Asuka and Greyson went to look for him. As they reached the hotel room where Hayato was kept, Randoll fought his way through, clearing the path for Hayato's friends to rescue him
Future GPX Cyber Formula Op 2
The second part of the TV series  when Hayato acquired the SA-01 for the remainder of the 2015 season 
Future GPX Cyber Formula Op 1
This is the first part of the opening sequence of the TV series, when Hayato was driving the GSX before the SA-01 came along 
Catching Phil Fritz in Germany
After passing Bleed Kaga, Hayato sets his sights on race leader Phil Fritz which causes Nagumo to panic a little. After a scheduled pit stop for both Fritz and Kazami, a lapped Leon Earnhardt passed them to get back on the lead lap, until Fritz and Hayato came out. Even though Fritz is still in the lead, Hayato is right on his bumper with Kaga watching in 3rd not close behind.
2020 German Grand Prix Start
With the v-Asurada AKF-0, Hayato prepares the bring the fight to Nagumo's AL-ZARD NP-1's. With an all AOI ZIP occupying the front row of the grid, Hayato has a tough fight ahead of him
On the last lap of the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix, it's do or die time for Jotaro "Bleed" Kaga heading for the final corner. Hayato went outside and used the Lifting Turn to pass Kaga. Thinking that his race is over, the Ogre AI system gave Kaga an Extra Boost as a last ditch effort to win against Hayato. Activating the Extra Boost gave Kaga and speed he needed to pass Hayato, also going Super Aero Boost Mode began to overheat the boosters, but it was just enough to cross the finish line first and obtain his first and only World Grand Prix Championship of his entire career and retires, knowing that he was the one who beaten Hayato Kazami fair and square
Kaga's First Win of the 2022 Season
After chasing Hayato throughout the Argentine Grand Prix, Kaga finally caught up to him and challenges Hayato for the lead on the final lap. When Hayato began to pull away from Kaga, he figured that it was pointless to battle him, until Kaga rounded the next turn and saw Hayato on the grass. The Asurada GIO Spec-V engine finally gave up and Hayato's race was over and Kaga took the win. Even though Kaga won, it was somewhat bittersweet.
The 2022 American Grand Prix
The American Grand Prix begins with Hayato taking the lead of the race while the others battle for position, meanwhile AOI ZIP's return to the race with Bleed Kaga back behind the wheel in a Experion Z/A-10 was struggling to keep up with rest of the racers.
2022 American Grand Prix Driver Introductions
The first race of the 2022 Season takes place in the United States in Florida and we are introduced to the drivers in the top three starting positions  
Here's a Montage of Pre-Season Testing between Hayato Kazami and Jotaro "Bleed" Kaga as they get ready for the upcoming 2022 Season
2015 Norwegian Grand Prix
The Norwegian Grand Prix is in full swing and the battle for the lead is intensifying between Karl Lichter von Randoll, Hayato Kazami and Naoki Shinjyo. As Hayato makes a move for the lead, Randoll blocks him and creates an opening for Shinjyo to make a double overtake for the lead. The circuit that the race takes place on is full of ice, creating a challenge for the drivers. This race is also a battle of attrition, due to the fact that the track's ice surface makes the tires wear out very quickly and the racer who doesn't put any burden on the tires and have grip will win.    
Hayato's Qualifying Run at Norway
The 2015 Norwegian Grand Prix qualifying session is underway with Shinjyo on Pole Position. Hayato sets out to beat his time. By the time Hayato got to Odin Bank, he lost control but he managed to regained control and finished the lap
Introducing the Fire Superion G.T.R
Although the Superion GT was a good car, it's successor the Fire Superion G.T.R is a lot better and it's designed to beat Sugo's SA-01. It's equipped with a powerful new booster called Phoenix Wing. This car was introduced at Norway in 2015 
2015 World Grand Prix Final. Final Lap
Onto the final lap and it's all or nothing for Naoki Shinjyo, Hayato Kazami and Karl Lichter von Randoll. Using the Slipstream, Hayato stays behind Shinjyo, looking for a perfect opportunity to pass. Reaching about 300 MPH, Hayato exits the slipstream and uses that momentum to pass Shinjyo for the race lead and that move brought him his 1st World Grand Prix Championship and making Hayato the youngest racer in history at the age of 14 to do it  
2015 World Grand Prix Final. Lap 2
With one lap complete, Shinjyo holds the lead with Randoll in 2nd and Hayato in 3rd. Going down the Illusion Straight, Hayato slipstreams Randoll until the entrance to Tornado Bank and passes him for 2nd. With one more car to go, Hayato has one more lap to win the Championship
2015 World Grand Prix Final. Lap 1
With a newly redone Fujioka Circuit, the 2015 Cyber Formula Championship goes down to the wire between three Rookie Racers of Naoki Shinjyo, Karl Lichter von Randoll and Hayato Kazami. The new version of Fujioka included a brand new turn called Tornado Bank. The racers must complete 3 Laps in order to win the Championship 
Caught Up With the Front Runners
After the Rally section, Hayato finally caught up with the front runners, which includes Karl Lichter von Randoll in 1st, Naoki Shinjyo in 2nd and Bleed Kaga in 3rd and Hayato currently in 4th. 
Super Asurada Comeback Charge
When the SA-01 was finally ready, Hayato makes his charge towards the front runners, Karl Lichter von Randoll, Naoki Shinjyo, Pitalia Lope, Bleed Kaga, Franz Heniel and Jackie Gudelhian. He caught up with Gudelhian in the tunnel and passes him and passes Heniel on the Rally section when Lope crashes out. With four racers left, Hayato continues to move up towards the leaders
Car-fu take down. Cyber Formula Style
The final lap of the Spanish Grand Prix is coming down to the wire as Hayato has been chasing Randoll through the entire race and he needs to pass him quick. Hayato decided to gamble to make an overtake at Cerberus Corner and took the other way. Just before they collided, Hayato uses his effect fan to dodge out of the way, in doing so, Randoll got in the way and spun out and crashes through the barrier and knocked out of the race. With Randoll out of the race, Hayato cruises for his second win of his career 
Outracing the Giant Wave
Working their way back up to the lead, both Hayato and Randoll passes everyone all the way up to Bleed Kaga who is in 1st. Going down the Mermaid Straight, a huge wave appears which causes Kaga to slow down to let the wave pass but Hayato and Randoll took the risk and use their boosters and managed to outrun the wave and they occupied 1st and 2nd respectively 
To my followers, you may have noticed that my deviations are being updated. That because is that the site that make them has updated to now have 25 frames which means that the GIF's are now faster and make it look like it's from the anime itself, which is cool, but there is one minor thing though, as I recreate these, the file size won't fit the requirement. So you may see the GIF's smaller than the originals so I hope you guys understand that and may see new Original Gifs from this new process as well. Now on to a different subject, I need an anime artist who can do a manga for free/ and or I can pay them later on Pay-Pal when the time comes. Most of my OC's have been created by another artist :iconmyheartisanopenbook: ask her for the rough sketches for the inspirations and ask me for the descriptions of some of the characters as well. 


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